Our values

1.) We love and appreciate art and music and the way they have a positive impact on our life.

2.) We look at economic trade as a two sided relationship that goes beyond the pure exchange of goods and monetary mediums. Hence, profitability is an important and necessary goal for us, but it's not our only aim.

That is why the KariBow Webshop stands for open, sustainable and honest trade in order to create win-win situations.

Therefore important to us are

1.) the authenticity of our artistic work

2.) the highest possible and long lasting quality of our artistic products,

3.) a customer-oriented and kind service as well as

4.) general reliability

in order to make sure you're happy to come back and visit our webshop again with a feeling that our music, various art products and services add something positive to your life and they are at least worth the money you were willing (or are willing) to pay for them.

In case of any further questions please don't hesitate to get in contact by leaving a message below. We're happy to receive your comments and suggestions or learn about your experiences with our service.