MOnuMENTO (2CD Digipak)

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KariBow: MOnuMENTO (2CD Digipak)

KariBow's MOnuMENTO double album features nearly two hours of music and it comes with a six panel Digipak plus a twenty page art booklet and an international line up of musicians such as Michel St-Pere [Mystery], Hayley Griffiths [Ex-Karnataka], John Young [Lifesigns, Bonnie Tyler Band], Joe Cairney [Comedy of Errors], Antony Kalugin [Karfagen, Sunchild] and others.

Track list:

Disc I - Moments

02. The Raining Silence
03. District of Dignity
04. The Flood
05. Spirits on the Water
06. Private Babylon
07. Red Feathers
08. Seeker of Dawn
09. Elay

Disc II - Monuments

I. A Fairy Tale
01. Part I: Prelude to a Fairy Tale
02. Part II: Lost is all I am
03. Part III: Intruder
04. Part IV: Touching the Borderline
05. Part V: The Lion and the Lamb
06. Part VI: Keeper of Fairy Blood

II. Crusader
07. Part I: Prelude to a Crusade
08. Part II: The Lonely Way
09. Part III: A New World
10. Part IV: Monument of Life

Total running time: 115 min